The4th BAMA International Piano Festival

will held place in Vienna, Austria and ChongQing, China.


We are so delighted to have over ten important international jury members and international piano competition top prize winnersincluding jury members and prize winners from Leeds International Piano Competition, Warsaw Chopin piano Competition, Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Busoni International Piano Competition, Gina Bachauer Piano Competition, Rubinstein International Piano Competition, and Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition. 


Our artists will be presenting masterclass, piano recitals, and lectures to the masterclass series. Participants will be receiving three lessons of each section, plus outstanding participants will be able to play for open to public masterclasses. Selected participants will be invited to perform and participate future masterclass series in Bonn, Vienna, Warsaw, Toronto, Miami and multiple cities in China. 

In this year, we have also opened a "mini-program" for younger participants in Vienna section. They will be able to visit Mozart's house and birth place with guide to talk about Mozart's life and music, mini-masterclass with faculties from BAMA masterclass series, learn how to dance like Mozart (Baroque Dances,) Painting with Mozart Theme, as well as making Mozart' Chocolate. 


Master-Class Application  Requirements:


   1) Application form (download from right side of corner of this page)

   2) Upload an audition Video- Recording video to YouTube (two contrasting works of 15-20 mins) 

   3) Personal Information: Bio and Photo

   4) Application Fee $80 CAN Dollars (Non-Refundable) + 50% Tuition fee. We accept Cheque, Wechat             Pay and Bank-Transfer. 

Early Bird application Deadline, January 30st, 2020 (with $150CAN discount off)

Scholarship Registration Deadline, Feb 30, 2020  (Non-refundable Registration Fee of $80 will apply)

Application Deadline, April 30st, 2020(Non-refundable Registration Fee of $80 will apply)

Late Registration Deadline, May 30, 2020 (Non-refundable Late Registration Fee of $150 CAN will apply)

We also welcome auditor students, concert audiences

   Contact us by email: info@bellissimomusic.ca​; bamamusicarts@gmail.com(Primary)  

   Contact us by phone from North America:+1 905 780 8577

   Contact us by phone from China:+86 156 0156 7811

   Contact us by phone from Europe:+41 78 333 3438


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