2022 Virtual Piano festival

Each Participant is able to choose one of the four programs -

 a)&b):Three or four full lessons with 45 minutes each lesson with different professors, open masterclass or semi-private lesson

c)&d): Three or four mini lessons for younger participants with 20 minutes each. 

All participant has access to go to all actives during the festival, including open masterclass, lecture, discussion, and concert.

*** Special requests with private lessons are available upon requests;

please email us at bellissimomusciarts@gmail.com

Tuition , Scholarship and Registration Fee

* Limited scholarship awards are available for outstanding participants with video and application submission before July 30, 2022; as well as application fee and 50% tuition

Application Fee is $30 CAN; Late Application Fee is $45 CAN

*Application fee is not refundable*

Tuition :

Including lectures, open masterclass, semi-private lesson, concert and certificate

$538 for Package of three full lessons

$638 for Package of four full lessons

$238 for Package of three mini lessons

$298 for Package of four mini lessons

(Tuition rates are listed in Canadian currency)

Scholarship Application Deadline: July 30 , 2022

Aegio International Piano Competition 2022 Regional First Prize Winners 

will receive Scholarship when apply.


Online Application Form

​Scholarship application - please submit online application form and application video of 10-15 minutes performance with free choices of music, before July 30, 2022.
Email: bellissimomusicarts@gmail.com